About This Project

Most people are at least three generations removed from the farm, which means the average person doesn’t have first-hand knowledge of what life of a farm is like – for either farmers or the animals they care for. Because of this, many of the ideas of what happens on a farm come either from romanticized images on film or TV, or worrisome images and stories told out online and in the media. We know that questions about animal welfare are top of mind as people want to know more than just that the food they purchase is safe for them – they want to know it was raised and sustainably.

To help you get a better sense of what life is really like for farm animals, we invite you to see what a day in the life is like for a (a chicken raised for meat). Learn why we raise chickens the way we do, the thought and research that goes into their housing, food, breeding, and medical care, and how , we’re always working to do better.