This site was created to give foodservice operators information
on how chickens are raised and produced in the U.S.

68% of consumers have eaten a chicken meal or snack from a foodservice establishment in the past two weeks *

19% of consumers anticipate eating more chicken from foodservice establishments in the next 12 months *

89% of consumers want additional information about the chicken they buy and eat *

The Chicken Guarantees

The Chicken Guarantees are welfare standards you can expect when you serve American-raised chicken.

A Day in the Life

Every broiler chicken starts on the farm. How does it get from there to your restaurant?


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about how chicken is raised and produced.

Safety & Handling Tips

Find handy guides for handling, cutting and storing chicken to eliminate the risk of bacterial infections in the operation.

*Source: US Chicken Consumption Report 2018.