Americans to Eat 1.3 Billion Chicken Wings for Super Bowl 50. Which is Kind Of a Lot.

With the second biggest eating day of the year after Thanksgiving upon us – Super Bowl Sunday – there’s no hotter time of year for chicken wings, America’s new favorite party food. This year, Americans will eat 3% (or 37.5 million) more chicken wings than last year, up to 1.3 billion (yes, with a b!) during Super Bowl 50.

1.3 billion chicken wings is a lot of freaking wings, but how do all those wings measure up? We’ve compiled some stats to put all those wings – and the 2016 Wing Report – into perspective.

  • How many chickens wings could 1.3 billion give every man, woman and child in the United States?
  • How many time would 1.3 billion chicken wings stretch from the deepest part of the Marianas Trench in the Pacific Ocean to the surface?

Find out how the 1.3 billion chicken wings Americans will eat during Super Bowl 50 measures up in the National Chicken Council’s 2016 Wing Report.