Are chickens genetically modified?

GMO Chicken

Modern chickens are bigger than ever before, which raised the question – how’d we do that? A number of factors go into raising larger, healthier birds than ever before, but genetically modifying chickens to be larger isn’t one of them! There are no GMO chickens commercially available, period. In fact, there are not currently any genetically modified animals commercially available. (In late 2015, genetically engineered salmon was the first GE animal to be approved but it will not be on the market and available for purchase for a few years.)

So what factors do go into raising larger, healthier chickens? We start with good breeding. Over the years, we’ve selected chickens with the healthiest growth and size for breeding, to help get the best start possible.

Modern advances in farming including advanced housing, climate controls, and biosecurity, coupled with good animal husbandry and cooperation between farmers and veterinarians, all help us raise larger, healthier birds.

WATCH: Biosecurity and Health Management on Chicken Farms

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