Why Is Foodservice An Increasingly Important Channel For Chicken?

According to research firm Technomic, the $853.126-billion foodservice industry now commands $.51 of every American food dollar—and growing. And chicken consumption out of home is growing alongside the foodservice industry. The 2018 US Chicken Consumption Report shows that when they eat out, consumers are ordering more chicken than ever before.

Add to that the facts that consumers with the highest chicken consumption levels at foodservice tend to be younger, more ethnically diverse, live in larger households and have somewhat higher incomes, which means not only is chicken in demand now, all signs point to that demand getting even higher in coming years.

Do My Customers Expect Me To Know About Chicken Production?

Not only must foodservice operators meet the ever-increasing consumer demand for chicken, they’re now being expected to provide production information about the chicken they menu. According to the 2018 US Chicken Consumption Report, 19% of consumers say they want to learn more about chicken on restaurant menus and 15% they want information on chicken on restaurant ads or websites. 

Increasingly, consumers are expecting chefs, cooks and front of house staff to be able to assure them that the chicken that the operation is menuing was raised humanely and sustainably.

That’s why this site exists. The information you can find on this site is provided by the National Chicken Council to give those in the foodservice industry access to the facts, so that they can respond to customer inquiries with accurate answers and more information about how chicken is raised and produced in this country.

Knowing the basics and making your staff aware of this resource during employee training can go a long way toward ensuring that you satisfy customer curiosity. We also invite you to direct your customers to the consumer version of this site: ChickenCheck.In.